Winter is crock pot season

To me, winter is crock pot season. Time to simmer all kinds of soups and stews. Though winter in Taiwan is not as harsh as winter in the Eastern (and not even the Western) parts of the United States, I am still looking forward to my crock pot reaching me via shipment early January next year. Especially now when my kitchen is so small, I find another benefit in using a crock pot - it saves space! If you have a favorite stew recipe, one of the easiest way is to cut up those ingredients and add them all in the crock pot with the seasonings. Press the "magic" button and just let that pot do its magic..of slow cooking. In this way, you can free up your stove space for cooking other dishes such as a stir fry or deep-fry.

There is an extensive list of crock pots that even if I am not intending to buy one now, looking at them and reading those crock pot reviews is so therapeutic. Makes me happy.