Dining in San Diego

Though I have been in Northern California for more than a year and have visited Southern California for a short vacation, Los Angeles was as "southern" as I have been to. I was planning a trip further south to San Diego last year but it did not happen due to last minute travel schedules my family had to accomodate. Well, they all say "blessing in disguise" and it can be true. If I had gone to San Diego much earlier, I may have missed out on san diego restaurant coupons and recommendations on best san diego restaurants. And THAT...is missing out a lot, especially when you are planning for holidays and vacations.

Cafe San Diego is the perfect san diego dining guide. You can search dining options by cuisine and neighbourhood. Whether you are up to casual dining or looking for that romatic dining experience, this guide provides you with what you want to know- THE perfect place to dine! You can even find daily specials that eateries and restaurants are offering. This is also something I really like. Definitely going to use this guide in future. They should do this for every major city, even for Hong Kong. My planning for Hong Kong would have been easy breezy. Anyway, I went and I returned. Hong Kong...coming up next!