Braised Tofu Beancurd with Spinach and Mushrooms - Three Storey Tofu

When I go to a Chinese (typically Cantonese) restaurant and when I see this up on their menu, I will definitely order it. In some restaurants, this can be made a house special though as simple as a block of tofu/beancurd. More and more restaurants (at least the ones in Singapore) are serving this dish (the ones I know name this dish 三层楼 - Braised House Special Tofu with Nameko Mushrooms) and each claims that the tofu/beancured is made from scratch - that is, right from grinding the soy beans.

Well now...if I were to(or you will) make it at home, I could only "play-cheat" with using ready-made block tofu/beancurd. Silken/soft, if you like the smooth silky texture of tofu/beancurd; or medium, if you prefer something more "solid".

This is my homemade version of Braised Beancurd with Bumashimeiji (Honshimeiji) Mushrooms. Don't be threatened. It appears not-so-straightforward, and definitely not those one-step recipe as easy as sesame oil chicken, ginger pork, or black pepper basil beef ; but I assure you -- it's not that complicated. I have taken some photos along the way to help you, in case you are interested.

Do you know why is it called 三层楼 (pronounced San Chen Lou, or meaning Three-Storey) ? I heard this came from the number of layers presented in this dish. If you look at the outcome of this dish, can you visually section --> one layer of mushrooms, one layer made up of pureed spinach, and one layer - the tofu/beancurd itself?

Since it is the Chinese New Year, I think 三层楼 fits perfectly to the theme of being auspicious. The more storeys/levels you have, the higher up you go (步步高升) - especially when you are working for a promotion, or climbing the career ladder. Remember I also made an "auspicious" dish last year of Stir fry scallops and asparagus with ginkgo - 代代平安 ?

For more Chinese New Year festive dishes that symbolize good luck, prosperity and peace, check them out here.

I disgress.

Back to Braised Beancurd with Bumashimeiji (Honshimeiji) Mushrooms...

Braised Tofu/Beancurd with Pureed Spinach and Bumashimeiji(Honshimeiji) Mushrooms

-1 block tofu (medium or silken),
-1cup chopped spinach, blanched
-1.5oz bumashimeiji(honshimeiji) mushrooms

-1/2cup water
-2tsp oyster sauce
-1tsp dark soya sauce
-1tsp brown sugar

1. Place chopped spinach on top of tofu blocks and steam of 5 minutes (Note: drain off some moisture in the tofu after steaming)
2. Cut spinach topped tofu cut into serving size (and gently fry in hot oil till golden brown. Drain well, set aside

3. With a little oil, add mushromms and fry.
4. Mix ingredient for sauce together and add to mushroom mixture, adjust amount of water (add more) if too salty (adjust to taste), then allow sauce to reduce
5. Add a little cornflur to thicken sauce, and pour over spinach tofu
6. Serve immediately

Even the sight of this pleases me....

I hope this has offered a unique way to use pureed spinach, especially for folks at Weekend Herb Blogging. Check out the round up at Kuchenlatein this week.

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