Online integrated care service

As Singapore's population expands, so does the grey population. There are many initiatives about being able to use CPF money for certain chronic illness, subsidy on hospitalization etc., all in the effort to ease the burden especially on the elderly and seniors. One area that needs more improvement is definitely on care services. Well, we all know we cannot depend on anyone except ourselves when we grow older and fall sick. Bettercaring is a dedicated service if you need information about care for yourself or your loved ones. There should be a Singapore edition for this (that's my wish). With bettercaring, there is an option to arrange the right kind of care, and even search for a care home or nursing home within proximity. We can read daily care news and get handy tips from care experts. There is also an avenue that allows discussion on personal care experiences and other topics related to care services. Such online integrated service will surely be useful to elders and seniors in need of care services.