Mee Siam, spicy sweet tangy rice vermicelli - all appetizing!

Monologue with my brain...

Brain: Will you be attending the birthday bash?
Me: Birthday? What birthday?
Brain: How can you miss this? You are supposed to cook something for the party!!! You forgot?!?
Me: Oh my god! Yes yes...the party over at Presto Pasta Night. They turn ONE this week!!! It nearly miss me if you had not reminded me. I have not even bought my party dress!
Brain: Dress? What dress? What will you be bringing over? You are supposed to work for it, not just go to it.
Me: Hmmm....I don't think I'm in time to shop for ingredients and cook something. I think I will save myself the trouble.
Brain: What do you mean? What excuse is that? You are going empty-handed?!
Me: Think about it. It's a birthday celebration.
Me(cont'd): I will busy getting to know new PPNers and reconnecting with the old to share "noodledge" (noodle-knowledge). Will also be running around looking for PPN host, Ruth, thanking her for hosting such a wonderful event every week without fail. I rather save my energy for all these. SO...I...MEAN, I will not be cooking anything difficult, not getting myself all zapped even before the big ONE!
Brain: Oh, something delicious, sweet and tangy, as easy as A-B-C, Doh-Reh-Mi, 1-2-3...?
Me: never fail me. You already know what I am thinking.
Brain & Me (exclaimed): Spicy Sweet Tangy Rice Vermicelli - MEE SIAM!

A rich tamarind (assam) gravy of delightful aroma, drenched over rice vermicelli fried in a sambal spice mix, further defined by the zest of a fresh lime squeeze. This is an all-appetizing delectable dish, originally from the Thais, then later became a marriage among the Nyonyas, Malays and Chinese. Where else can you find spicy, sweet, savory, tangy - all in one dish?

From these pictures, would you have thought I have done this from scratch - pounding the spices for chili paste, pre-frying the chili paste, preparing the vermicelli sambal and tamarind paste etc. ?? If only I did. Now, I could only say "Thank you" to Ready-to-Cook Meat kit from Prima Taste.

Other than their Mee Rebus meal kit which I swear by when I simultaneously get pricked by the "cravings" needle AND biten by the lazy bug , this Mee Siam Meal Kit is also one of my favorites. You are spoilt for ready-made pastes when it comes to curry chicken and even Thai green curries but when it comes to Mee Siam and Mee Rebus, there are not many decent products out there, and I promise Prima Taste stands to the taste test of authenticity.

In the kit, you get Mee Siam paste, chili paste for frying the rice vermicelli, sambal chili and even lime juice - all individually packed! Perfectly sealed and hygienically packaged. You just need to prepare your own rice vermicelli, eggs and shrimps/prawns.

Cooking the rice vermicelli: Soak the rice vermicelli in a pot of hot-warm water till soft. Then heat the rice vermicelli chili paste with some water in a frying pan, and add the soaked rice vermicelli into the rice vermicelli chili paste and mix well.

Cooking the Mee Siam gravy: Mixing the Mee Siam paste with water in a pot and bring to a boil, the lower heat to simmer.

You are all ready to serve. Portion the rice vermicelli into individual servings, top with hard-boiled eggs, and cooked shrimps/prawns, then pour the Mee Siam gravy into the rice vermicelli. You will get all the necessary details in the package instructions.

Mee Siam never look so good when it can be ready in 10 minutes.

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