Cilantro recipes + an all-coriander eatery

Coriander, also known as cilantro or "Phakchi" in Japan. Do you like this pungent herb? What is pungent to some, is aromatic to others (or at least for me). Yes, I like cilantro. I would be excited if I could have an all-coriander experience in this Tokyo's first all-coriander eatery. Check out this video (Source: Reuters).

Well, if you cannot be there, maybe you can try one of these cilantro recipes I have in my collection:

Mango Salso with Cilantro
Steamed Halibut with Cilantro
Lemon Linguine with Cilantro
Cilantro and Pork Omelette
Potato Patties with Cilantro

As an ingredient or just garnish, cilantro is my kind of herb and this herb + some recipes, I will share in Weekend Herb Blogging, taking place at Anna's Morsels and Musings this week.

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