Most expensive kitchenware - need to get insured?

Does your home insurance cover earthquake? When we were in California, we bought home insurance that included earthquake coverage - protecting us from losses due to events (eg. fire) caused by an unexpected earthquake. Back then, getting insurance online is relatively easy and fuss-free. However, I remember my course mate telling me about online insurance - that buying insurance is something not as straight-forward and easy as "shopping" for them online. Well, maybe she is right. But I do find getting online insurance quotes - a good reference, a starting point and a good comparison either when you buy your insurance online or from an insurance agent, a real person. It's easy to get online insurance quotes. So pick a few established providers and compare their rates and coverage. From there, you will know which insurance plan (rates and coverage) suits you best. With the recent tremors that Singapore has experienced due to the frequent earthquakes in neighbouring Sumatra, Indonesia, will Singaporeans need to consider earthquake coverage when they buy home insurance? They are just so many types of insurance around today - car insurance, van insurance, truck and bike insurance, even wedding insurance! Which is the most ridiculous you have heard ?