Fruity Gewurztraminer wine and more

I remembered tasting a fruity (taste: melon, lychee, citrus) aromatic wine during a wedding dinner. It was Gewurztraminer wine from Alsace, France. I have always wanted to find out more about this wine. It was like such an exotic wine. From this online wine guide, I found that Gewurztraminer is in fact a more uncommon grape variety grown in the cooler climates. So I must have been lucky to have tried it in that wedding dinner.

To me, wine means France, probably due to the over-exposure to the words Champagne and Bordeaux. I need a Dummy's Guide to Wine and re-educate myself on the art, science and history of wine. I know wine means more. Not only French wine, there is also Italian wine, and the Spanish have their wine too. Why need a Dummy's Guide when there is such an accessible wine website that provides all you want to know about wine. Especially for a beginner like me, this Wine Bible is an easy and interesting site to start with.