Nori shrimps. Seaweed-coated prawns fried my way.

If you are into panko-style or tempura-style fried shrimps(or prawns), these Deep Fried Nori Shrimps definitely taste as good. You will not get that over-exaggerated "kaa-zhi-kaa-zhi-" (listen...) as-you-bite (the deep-fried-breadcrumbs-effect) as in those perfectly fried golden tempura/panko shrimps but these Deep Fried Nori Shrimps are nowhere less worthy.

I like to incorporate plain-looking nori sheets in bite-size, roll-like snacks, such as these juicy seafood cabbage rolls, healthy tofu rolls and crispy shrimp rolls, if you have observed hard enough. If it's not anywhere obvious, I'm highlighting it to you again in these nori-showered fried shrimps. Heh heh...(pun intended with dialect connotation).

This is definitely a quick and easy party food/snack to prepare. Why not try this for the Easter Party at Lucullian Delights ? You can buy them (the shrimps) in batches and cook (deep fry) them in batches. Then serve them in batches to the batches (your guests, I mean). And who says deep-fried food is all evil (see *Tips) ?

Deep Fried Nori Shrimps/Prawns
Ingredients: Thawed shrimps (seasoned lightly with some white pepper), potato flour, nori
Directions: Coat, then deep fry.

For this time, I opted for the [Corn Potato Flour-->Egg -->Panko/Breadcrumbs Loose Nori Strips] coating steps. Yes, a change in the typical panko combination will change the final texture and taste of this deep fried product. Using Potato Flour 地瓜粉 will give a more springy (QQ-with dialect connotation, again) texture. Nori adds color and unami flavor. Flip side: you don't get a huge chunk of crispy panko or tempura-batter crust when you bite on the shrimp.

But who says it's not a perfect party snack? It's much lighter (healthier) than those with layers of heavy deep-fried crust. It's not oily (picture above tells you all). You get to taste shrimp at an instant and not seaching for it in the midst of crust layers.

It's the shrimp, only the shrimp and nothing but the shrimp. Enjoy.

1. When you deep fry, do not use "re-used" oil or oil that has been kept from previous cooking
2. Make sure the oil is hot (170degC) so that the item you fry will not absorb the oil
3. Just do a light coat of flour
4. Set aside fried items on kitchen paper towel after frying, to absorb any excess oil

P.S As for the "squares" beneath, another post another day? :P

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