Kitchen chores made easy

I do have kitchen gadgets but definitely not many. Most of the times, I just use a knife to do my chopping, cutting, mincing, and slicing. But I do appreciate the help of a food processor when it comes to handling kitchen chores. Choose your setting and press the button, isn't that easy? A modern mortar and pestle. I'm not going to comment about the end-result of a food processor and that of a mortar and pestle since I have heard the aroma derived from that a mortar and pestle, especially when you pound herbs and spices, can never be compared to that of a food processor.

However, a good quality food processor is certainly something that will make you more efficient in the kitchen. You can blend, puree, chop, mince. If I were to invest in one, it got to be a multi-functional one. The current one I have is just a handy-chopper that works with the concept of a food processor but definitely with lesser functions. It only has the option to interchange two blades - one for herbs and spices, the other for poultry and meat.

For now, my wish list only gets longer.