Street food in Tamsui Taipei - Part One

There are a few "must-eat" street food and snacks when you visit Tamsui, Taipei County in Taiwan. I will digress in this post, however.

This potato-swirls-on-a-stick is NOT a must-eat but there is sure a crowd around the stall. Maybe it is an interesting snack to look at, especially when you get to see how the potato-swirls are created and fried on the spot.

Is nibbling the only way to eat this ?

You know you are in a Chinese society or area, when you see red dangling ornaments like these. Red is auspicious in the Chinese tradition and culture. Will these dangling red ornaments on the potato-swirls-on-stick bring better business for the snack shop ? :D

Pepper-flavored fried calamari. Crispy outside, springy inside. The biting texture is great (you exercise your jaws but not excessively). But for NT300 (~US10.00), definitely not worth it considering it's street food :O There are other "flavors" such as plum and chili. The flavors are derived from "flavor" powder sprinkled on them. For pepper-flavor, dashes of ground pepper salt; for plum-flavor, it will be plum-powder. Nothing complex about this.

The "Old Historic Street" (老街) of Tamsui (淡水) is in itself an attraction, drawing locals and tourists during the weekends. Food is definitely one characteristic of the Tamsui "Old Historic Street" 淡水老街. Where there are people, there is good food. Where there is good food, there are people. Both ways work!

Tamsui is accessible by the Taipei Metro System, and about 40-min ride from Taipei City to Tamsui. Relatively convenient if you are not driving. If you are in Taipei for more than a day, do make a trip to Tamsui.

I will still be bringing you the "must-eat", representative street food of Tamsui. Come back soon!

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