Bread Crusted Shrimp Rolls, my Shrimp Rollie Toasties

As I was deep frying nori shrimps, seaweed coated prawns, I decided to try out Little Corner's shrimp rolls at the same time...with a little twist.

Shrimps Rollie Toasties/Shrimp Toast-Rolls
Ingredients and directions: Shrimps, lightly rub them with black pepper, then wrap each shrimp with a layer of nori seaweed, and then wrap another layer of leftover bread over the shrimp (Note: nori and bread - I have cut into smaller squares to accommodate the length of the shrimps). Start deep frying in hot oil (about 160degC). When bread turns golden brown, strain and set aside the shrimps on paper towels to drain excess oil.

Lightly crisp on the outside, perfectly cooked inside - full of tasty shrimp flavor!

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