Hanging pot racks - my kitchen wish list never stop expanding

My kitchen wish list never ever stop expanding, huh? Dreams keep us alive, just like a wish list, and for people who cook and spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen, I'm sure you want a clean, neat and organized kitchen. Clean, neat and organized ? That can go into my wish list. As I currently do not have a super spacious kitchen to keep my kitchen pots, pan, appliances and even utensils, the pots and pans are left sitting on the stove (they don't dry well) after I wash them. But the pots and pans definitely deserve a better organization.

These enclume pot racks organize pots and pans in a neat and convenient location; and add a touch of style and class to the kitchen. I like the hanging or lighted stainless steel enclume pot rack and will be perfect above a kitchen island. Hanging and lighted pot racks save real estate and in my opinion, good for smaller or mid size kitchen. They are durable too, as Enclume are built and constructed to last a lifetime. If you do not have space limitations, you can also think about these freestanding and wall mount enclume pot racks.