Chayote Shoots - Dragon Beard or Dragon Whisker vegetable

This is Stir Fried Chayote Shoots -龍鬚菜 , literally meaning Dragon-Beard or Dragon-Whisker vegetable. Chayotes are widely planted for its shoot in Taiwan and usually consumed with the young leaves in a stir fry like this (thinly sliced garlic and sliced red chili). Most people are familiar only with the fruit, which in culinary terms is a vegetable. But the root, stem, seeds, and leaves are all edible.

In Brazil, chayote is known as chuchu; in Caribbean: cho-cho; Latin America: gayota; in China: 佛手瓜 (pronounced Fuo Shou Gua, literally meaning "Buddha hand squash"); in Indonesia: labu siam (or Siamese pumpkin), jipang or waluh; in Vietnamese: su-su, trai su.

Back to that disappointing prawn-themed eatery, only the vegetable dish (above) is to our liking. Forget about the prawns flambe. Too much flamboyance for mediocre food.

A casual atmostphere. The eatery/restaurant was mostly in bamboo-setting.

An open kitchen. Can you see a brick-walled tank behind the lady? Those tanks are filled with live prawns. Well, good fresh prawns but in my opinion, a case of fresh ingredients over-killed in cooking. Or, did we order the wrong dishes!??!?


This is their Taichung (central Taiwan) branch (main: Hsinchu location)
黄金海岸活虾之家 台中昌平東二路 #135
Taichung City, Chang Ping Dong Er Road, #135

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