Oyster Sauce Chicken Wings - restaurant style Chinese cuisine at home

Oyster Sauce Chicken Wings 蚝油鸡翅 - easy preparation, a few key techniques, and finally made so delectable that you will want to keep this for your entertaining plans, especially if you want to delight your guests with restaurant-style Chinese cuisine at home.

To enhance "value" to your dish and do what the chefs do - PRESENTATION!

Now, you will discover and undiscover how easy a dish Oyster Sauce Chicken can be.

Oyster Sauce Chicken Wings 蚝油鸡翅
6 thawed chicken wings, lightly marinated in ~2tbsp rice wine + ~1tbsp soy sauce

2tbsp oyster sauce + 1tsp brown sugar + 4-6 tbsp water

1. Deep fry the chicken wings in hot oil (Note: according to some Chinese chefs, this will allow the chicken to easily have a "golden" coat when braised later in oyster sauce - gives a golden brown appearance, shiny look and not a sense of dull).
2. After deep frying, set aside to drain excess oil in kitchen paper towels
3. Pour away excess oil from wok with remaining of about 1tbsp(or less) oil
4. Add in the oyster sauce mix and hear the wok/pan sizzle
5. Add the chicken wings back in the wok/pan and space them well. Technique: Use a spoon to continuously spoon/drizzle the oyster sauce mix contained in the pan, over the chicken wings while simmering in oyster sauce mix in the pan. This will ensure the chicken wings are uniform in golden brown appearance.
6. Then allow the chicken wings to simmer low heat (pan covered) for a while till the sauce reduce further. There will be no gravy/sauce for this dish as intended to be.

I have no idea how...but the chicken wings were so tasty. You may have thought the final "surface braising" of chicken with the oyster sauce will just render the chicken to be tasty outside, tasteless inside but apparently, it is not. These are perfectly cooked, totally-flavor infused chicken wings!


Finger-lickin' , tender, fall-off-the-bone chicken wings, how could you resist ? I can't.

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