Almond cookies, wife cake and Macau goodies

I heard many of you take a day trip to Macau when in Hong Kong. Don't worry if you can't finish all the good eats in a day, get some souvenirs...FOOD souvenirs! You must visit Koi Kei in Macau (many stalls near Senado Sqaure, Macau) - they are famous for their pastries and cookies. I brought back some cookies and "cake-like" pastry products. By the time you read this, they are already gone :O

Almond cookies. I could not resist these mini ones. Don't they look like chess seeds? They are called Chess Cookies 棋子饼...yes, indeed. Almond cookies that crumble and melt at the slightest bite. What's best about these almond cookies - they even have real almond bits and chunks that add that extra texture.

For your information, the Chess Cookies does not come with the chess board ;p

Wife Cake (Biscuit), sweet pastry.

Primarily made from sugar, cake flour, melon sugar

Wife cake 老婆饼 - almost like the sun cake 太阳饼 that I can get in Taiwan. I actually prefer the Hong Kong wife biscuits to the Taiwan sun cake because I find that the latter has too much pastry and less filling. I'm the type who prefers more fillings than the crust/pastry layers. If there is a story behind sun cake, then what's that of wife cake ?

There is also the Husband Cake 老 公 饼- the savory version made from pork fats, sugar, peanuts, sesame, five spice powder, cake flour. The story behind the Husband Cake is not as well-established as the Wife Cake, just as the Husband Cake product is not as popular as the Wife Cake.

What other food you can enjoy in Macau:
Portuguese egg tarts
Pork chop bun
African chicken

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