Prawns or shrimps on fire in a seafood eatery

I was disappointed. I searched for steamed prawns in the menu but no where to be found. :( Instead was told that their specialties were Garlic Prawns and Rice Wine Prawns. Ok. Will go with that. I was still smiling, in my heart..."...I am going to get steamed prawns, still..." ( impression of Garlic Prawns is steamed?).

Enter the Rice Wine Prawns 燒酒蝦 came harmless BUT that's before the server told us the entire pot was filled with rice wine! Then she set the surface on fire and we got a Prawns Flambe!

In Mandarin, I asked - so when can we start eating? ..."After it's done burning....that's when the alcohol content has all vaporized" in Mandarin, she replied and continued "If you start now, I'm worried you may get drunk since it's very high in alcohol content". (Remember: entire pot was rice wine!). "Then wouldn't the prawns be over-cooked" I questioned with my little knowledge (I thought over-cooked shrimps/prawns have the tendency to be rubbery?). She said "No". I doubted it. But, we followed her suggestions.

Click to watch - Prawn Flambe! A rare sight...

Boohoohoo...all the ferocious boiling has destroyed the natural flavor of the prawns. We could not taste much of the prawns (if you know what I meant). Yes, there was a hint of wine-taste in the prawns but that was IT. The essence of prawns has all gone to that whole pot of water (after the vaporization of alcohol...we get water?). The gojiberries did not help much in improving the soup flavor. You might have thought the soup will be good but we left it untouched. Diluted and too much wine (bitter) aftertaste.

Another disappointment - Garlic Prawns 蒜泥蝦. They did not come steamed!!! And there was just too much garlic. So much that it became SO TOO SPICY! Finally, my taste bud was over-powered and destroyed by "over abundance of garlic". Again, could not get the natural taste of prawns in this dish.

I'm sorry, but I think I can cook better seafood...


This is their Taichung (central Taiwan) branch (main: Hsinchu location)
黄金海岸活虾之家 台中昌平東二路 #135
Taichung City, Chang Ping Dong Er Road, #135


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