Portuguese egg tarts or Chinese egg tarts

Portuguese pastéis de nata...what is a Macau trip without Portuguese-style egg tarts...and how can I pass on that ? :P

Do you like Portuguese-style egg tarts

or the Chinese egg tarts ?

To me, the difference between the Portuguese Egg Tart and the Chinese Egg Tart is clearly IN THE PASTRY CRUST CASING and the CUSTARD SURFACE. Portuguese egg tart always comes, dressed in flaky pastry while Chinese egg tart sometimes crumbly, sometimes flaky. Portuguese egg tart also has that signature "caramelized-sugar" crème brûlée-look, at the surface ~ a finishing topping of caramelized sugar, never found in normal Chinese egg tarts.

So I did not forget. And I had many, in fact. I prefer Portuguese-style egg tarts (葡式蛋撻, more commonly simply as 葡撻) to the Chinese egg tarts. However, if it is a tasty, freshly-baked, warm from the oven Chinese egg tart, I could not resist anyway. In short, just don't make me choose.

Irresistible authentic Portuguese-style egg tarts in Macau!

Portuguese-style egg tart is a modification of the original Portuguese pastéis de nata

Hmmmm....egg-related recipes - there is a sweet one and a savory one, which do you like?

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