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From Swanton Berry Farm: The tentative date for Olallieberry U-pick is mid-to-late-June, and will run through July. Please call for info after 1 June, 2010 for a definite start date.

My postings about U-Pick may have been slightly delayed* previously since I could not click the "Publish Post" button in time (as a result - late in posting*!) and some of you missed the U-Pick berries season. Now, I better be EARLY in the reminder so that you can get ready for berries picking - strawberries, blackberries, other berries. I will be missing it this year : ( ...
but I hope you don't!

Berry speaks: I'm here for just a short while ...pick-me-up while you can

Be close to nature...enjoy and appreciate. These U-Pick berries are perfect for CLICK April 2008 - Au Naturel as fruits at their most natural state. Yes, that is to be at where they are! Don't wait for the farm stand to come to you. You head down to the fields. It's a wonderful feeling to bask in the sun with those berries. :)

For the benefit of those who are staying in California or visiting California in May-June 2008, head towards Swanton Berry Farm along Highway 1, for U-pick.

Strawberry U-Pick 2008
Fields open from 8am to 7pm beginning on May 1st.
Call 831-469-8804 for inquiries
Farm Stand on Swanton Road is the check-in point for strawberry U-Pickers.

Olallieberry U-Pick 2008
Open in June at the Coast Ways Ranch location.
Check back website for specific dates, hours and prices

After picking punnets of strawberries, you may like to try this strawberry snack or dessert recipe.

*OK. OK. See what I mean, about delayed posting - it's already spring in the northern hemisphere (including Taiwan) and I only posted this winter beef stew dish now. That is why I wanted to get the U-pick post out to you early. :D

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