Pasta Arrabiata with Grilled Jumbo Shrimps - sounds good?

How about Soba Arrabiata with Grilled Jumbo Shrimps? ... where the second batch of the chunky vegetable pasta sauce has gone into - I said there were many ways to use the sauce, and this is one of them.

Of course I am not looking for pasta texture in soba. For one can never get al-dente soba...

Soba Arrabiata with Grilled Jumbo Shrimps
Ingredients: soba, cooked according to instructions (or other pasta type you prefer); shrimps/prawns, lightly seasoned with salt, black pepper and dried oregano; and chunky vegetable pasta sauce

1. Put the shrimps under the grill plates, remove when cooked
2. Heat up the pre-made pasta sauce in non-stick pan, add in red pepper chili flakes, then add in noodles mix well
3. Serve with grilled shrimps and a pinch more of dried oregano

"Shrimpy"...soba...arrabiata...(did I just use three magic words?)...abracadabra

If you like soba, you will be able to appreciate its texture, and explore them in different ways of cooking. A non-al-dente version of "pasta" with the use of soba and another soba culinary adventure that worked out perfect. And with that juicy grilled jumbo's mild spicy and a delicious tomato-ey noodle delight. If you are interested in the easy chunky vegetable pasta sauce, here is the recipe. Oh, and remember...Friday is Presto Pasta Night round-up. Mark it down for chow down!

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