Home-style beef noodle soup - feels inferior in the beef noodle city of Taiwan

I prefer to slow cook a good ol' beef stew. Tender chunks of beef, the flavorful essence in the beef stew gravy...and easiest cooking ever! Since I cannot put my slow cooker to good use here (why can't the world standardize on the electrical usage and voltage?), I could only try the other way, to slowly braise the beef stew in a sauce pan. This braised Pearl Onion Beef Stew turn out still good but I prefer the slow cooker version, definitely.

I just love the sweetness of pearl onions. Better than the usual yellow, or white onions :)

Pearl Onion Beef Stew
Ingredients: Stewing beef cubes, sliced celery, sliced carrots, sliced pearl onions, black pepper

1. In light oiled pan, saute the onions, then add in beef, sliced celery and carrots.
2. Once slightly fried, add in some stock/water, add some black pepper, and allow it to simmer low heat for at least 30minutes

And what can a good beef stew do ? Wonders!

I could keep the leftover beef stew essence (mainly the gravy, and few pieces of meat) and use it to have some beef noodles soup the next day. Boil some noodles, add in some "new" greens at the side, and...a new meal - Home-style beef noodles soup

A very flavorful broth (beef stock) has cooked a simple noodle soup for Presto Pasta Night.

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