Singapore Chili Crabs - with Jumbo Prawns surprise

Singapore Chili Crabs Prawns

If you like spicy prawns that goes with steamed rice, you will also like Assam Pineapple Prawns - a tamarind-based spice-loaded seafood dish. OH no no, you just want Singapore Chili Crabs, nothing else but Singapore Chili Crabs. Okie...I give you a cheat-sheet to Singapore Chilli Crabs. Be good. OH no hoo hoo (me), you have pride and wants to cook your own Chili Crab from scratch - okie okie...hush's one from Uniquely Singapore, recipe from Violet Oon.

Just that for me, my own DIY...I like to steam my crabs because it is easy and retains one of the best natural flavor in crabs.

Just that for me, right now...I want to mop up all the gravy with what I've got! :P~~~

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