Kitchen odors vs stinky diaper - Renuzit TriScents Home Makeover semi-finalist gallery is up!

Time passed by without my notice. Just few weeks ago, I was writing about Renuzit TriScents Home Makeover. You know what? They are fast and the semi-finalist gallery is already up! Up for votes! There are ten semifinalists of which ONE will win the $20,000 Home Makeover. Even if I did not participate, I was interested to view the entries. I visited the semi-finalist gallery and registered to vote. Right, that was easier than registering to vote (or voting) for the next president. I was able to view the ten entries immediately after registration. It is exciting even just to look at what others have sent in. This particular video in the semi-finalist gallery really struck me. It was funny. See how alive it was in face of a "stinky diaper". I smiled. And so I voted. What I like about this entry was also because it was done in a video clip. I could clearly feel the "pains and complains" of a messy house and a stinky environment. It was also creative of this semifinalist to use the baby scent of triplets to associate with TriScents. I like that. If you would like to view the semi-finalists' entries, do visit the gallery. You can vote your favorite (one vote per day) as well as long as it is before June 7, 2008. The entry with the most votes will be a winner and receive a $20,000 home makeover with Tayna Memme!