Roast goose themed-restaurant meets bird flu means offering seafood items in the menu

We heard this roasted goose restaurant suffered drastically in business during the bird flu epidemic few years back. That was when they started offering seafood items in their menu.

I rather have my prawns done this way.

However, this is not the main highlight. The following is...

One plate...

after another....

then it was finally enough!

Succulent, juicy, tender roasted goose...

No beer drinking in the day, we had fresh kiwi juice instead

Do you like roast goose or roast duck ? I cannot tell the difference unless there is a vast difference in terms of meat texture and "smell". Sometimes, one tastes more gamey than the other. Well, I just like to enjoy a good roast. :)

朝富路77路 ( 朝富路、市政北七路口)
77 ChaoFu Road (junction of ChaoFu Road and ShiZhengBeiQi Road)
Taichung City, Taiwan