Club sandwich, breakfast steak, poutine - what a satisfying brunch!

Remember I posted about poutine some time ago? This was the same place we had brunch on a lazy Saturday. The poutine was a side-order, just in case we were not fed well as we were eating two meals (breakfast and lunch) in one :D

Club sandwich is one of my favorite sandwiches of all times. It is not available everywhere. But whenever I see it on the same day I'm craving for sandwiches, club sandwich it will be!

Weren't these the same fries that were used in the poutine? :P

Obviously it is my favorite! I have so many snap shots of it.

The other order was the breakfast steak. It looks much better than I thought. A breakfast steak tends to leave me an impression of Denny's breakfast (I do not know why) and I don't fancy that.

I think I was too quick to make my decision statement. It looks hearty to me when it turned out more "English" style. Yum!

In Casa Restaurant
334, HuaMei Street
Taichung, Taiwan

The weekend is here! Will you be having brunch tomorrow? Or any plans for a different breakfast? Hope I have made you hungry for breakfast :D

For me, I will be busy cleaning up the "house". Yes. I am putting up in a hotel (which sucks in terms of the rates they charge for internet, printing, use of meeting room etc) till I moved into my own personal shell called "home". And the movers made me unhappy yesterday by telling us our shipment is only going to arrive end of August! It is taking so long!

The sandwich will be going to Greedy Gourmet's Sandwich Snapshots.

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