Deep Fried Pepper Pork...can you find Woodstock?

Inspired by Little Corner and Cooking Ninja to make this pepper pork dish, just that mine is the deep-fried version. Reason: Deep frying other food the same day and did not want to waste the oil! OOPS!

Deep fried pepper pork, can you find woodstock ?

You can eat them with rice but I think they are perfect as sandwich fillers :D
Need to learn how to make the famous Macau Pork chop bun 猪扒包 !

P.S Some of you were wondering here if I moved to Taiwan permanently. Sorry I have not made myself clear. Taiwan has always been temporary. I am NOW IN SINGAPORE! But been real busy the past few days and perhaps rest of August and September. Apologies if I have not been able to leave comments at your blog as frequently. I promise...I WILL BE BACK! :P for California, I HOPE I can be back there too! (just not so soon...)

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