Tip#1 for shopping online - look for promo codes

Have you tried entering promotion codes for free shipping when you shop online? We have tried using Circuit City in-store promotion code when we bought some electronics there. However, this site has MORE coupons! A wide range of merchants with special promotion codes that saves you more money when you shop online. There is also something from Zappos - my favourite online shoe store (even if I have not bought anything from them before) and Target - which usually have products for hubs and myself. In the recent media where it keeps reporting about looming recession in the United States and the lacklustre economy almost everywhere, it is also the time to tighten our belts and get more for that same buck. It has becoming more expensive in Singapore, says the majority, including myself. I used to enjoy window-shopping at Target because the store is just so spacious and you can push your shopping trolley cart without the danger of bumping into any kids and products. Here, I just cannot stand it! The merchants are trying to place all their products in the walking lanes. I wish I could shop online in Singapore with free shipping! Where can I get these deals?