Ice Dumplings - savory meat dumplings cannot beat this!


If you read Chinese, the words on the packaging means Ice Dumplings (冰 粽, Bing Zong). While 粽子~ Zong Zi is a symbolic food or snack seen during the Chinese Dumpling Festival or Dragon Boat Festival, I was more fascinated when I saw these...Ice Dumplings. First, the packaging attracted me. I had to buy it. Second, what's inside. Mochi made in the shape of a triangular dumpling.

Best served when chilled, thus the name Ice Dumplings

The filings of the dumplings - red beans and a lil' cream

These are one of the best dessert sweet dumplings (粽子 Zong Zi) I've had. They are quite common in Taiwan during Duanwu Dragon Boat Festival. So I reckon Ice Dumplings are seasonal. But of course, mochi is not seasonal.

FYI, 85C is the name of the cafe where I bought this dessert.

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