Weekends dining out - set meals, ala carte

Weekends mean dining out!

Is it true that set meals are more inferior compared to ala-carte selection? I've asked that before. Since set meals are quite common here, I've bring you more.

Whatever on the tray is ONE SET!

You get side dish, mixed salad, rice and the hotpot (option of pork bones or curry-based as the soup broth) + the thin slices of meat that you cooked in the hotpot.

Set meals ranging from ~$160NT to $200NT(less than USD8), it's definitely value for money!

升禧燒 - Kolewa
Junction of Taichung Kang Road and DaDun Road
Taichung City, Taiwan

How about ? ...$328NT for all this in a weekend set meal

新阿杜 香港風味茶樓
文心路一段538-1號 (大業路口)
Wenxin Road Section 1, 538-1
Taichung City, Taiwan

Or this ?

Steamed glutinous rice set - with doubled boiled soup and side dishes ~ $200NT.

DongPo Pork Rice set, with rice + egg, soup, and side dishes ~$260NT

Specialty - Dongpo Pork

GongYi Road #383
Taichung City, Taiwan

The cost of living in Taichung(central Taiwan) is not as high as Taipei (northern Taiwan) but this is going to change when central Taiwan gets more investments and developments. Do come to Taichung before it gets too expensive! It reigns a famous FengChia Night Market too :D

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