Popiah - Vegetables wrapped in wheat-flour crepe

Mom's popiah. Can you spot a fried one among the rest ?

In Singapore, we call it 薄饼 (po bing) whereas in Taiwan, they call it 潤餅 (roon bing) They mean the same thing - fresh spring roll. The popiah skin is a thin paper-like crepe or pancake made from wheat flour. Sweet sauce and chili is spread on the "crepe", then layer a lettuce leave on the crepe and up goes the fillings (on the lettuce - that is what I will do) which is mainly finely grated stir-fried jicama(turnips), French beans, carrots. Before wrapping and rolling it up, you garnish the fillings with bean sprouts, sometimes crushed peanuts.

Now, roll it up and eat! :D

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