Shrimp Toast, Prawn Squares - golden delicious!

Addition to the shrimp rollie toasties - bread crusted shrimp rolls and nori shrimps series, I also made some shrimps toasts or squares that made use of minced shrimps. These crunchies should be able to win some guests over, in Dhanggit's Kitchen Perfect Party Dishes Blog Event, in celebration of her girl's birthday!

Once in a while, it's ok to indulge..:P

Don't be stingy with the amount of minced shrimps

Shrimp Toasts or Shrimp Squares

Ingredients: shrimps (mince to paste form), some salt and pepper, bread cut into squares
Directions: Slather the minced shrimps on the surface of the bread; deep fry in medium-hot temperature oil till shrimp filling at the top changes color

Golden delicious...and full of shrimp flavor to make me happy

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