Buckwheat Noodles in Bolognese Sauce - Soba Bolognese, anyone?

One of my backlogged cooking posts. It will be some time before I start cooking again in my kitchen. I definitely miss cooking!

Yes. I have done something similar before. I need to put that upfront. However, I found that when I used soba (buckwheat noodles) - the results in taste, and texture are somewhat different. Soba (buckwheat) noodles tend to have a more nutty flavor compared to the normal pasta; and when you are eating the screwy-type pasta (such as fusili), you don't get to slurp and swoop as nosily as long noodles. That's a difference too!

Buckwheat Noodles Bolognese/Soba Bolognese
Ingredients: Ground beef; half a onion- sliced and chopped finely; assorted mushrooms; can of diced tomatoes; buckwheat noodles, cooked according to instructions

1. In lightly oiled pan, add in onions to saute and when slightly soften (half way to "translucence"), add in tomatoes, then ground beef and mushrooms. Will take about 3-5mins for things to "soften" a little (to be cooked)
2. Salt and black pepper to taste
3. Add some water/stock, allow it to simmer on low heat
4. Before serving, add in cooked noodles in the pan and mix well; or top meat sauce onto the noodles

Woops! Is that Japanese noodles with Western Meat Sauce and Chinese Vegetables ? I hope Presto Pasta Nights can allow my creation as I'm serving this (if you want to say "weird" combination) at Greedy Gourmet .

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