French Bean Omelet - another omelette recipe

I have lost inspiration to write lengthly articles ever since I returned to SGP. Maybe it is good news. You will be served just the "essence"...hee heee. OR maybe I will develop a new writing style from here...who knows.

French Bean Omelet/Long Bean Omelet
Ingredients: Long bean/french bean, diced to small bits (as shown in picture above), 2-3 eggs whisked with some added dark soy sauce and white pepper

1. Heat pan with cooking oil and fry the bean bits with some salt and pepper
2. When beans bits have softened, add the egg covering the pan surface. Allow the egg to cook on one side a few minutes till lightly browned (Note:I like some crispy bits on this omelet somehow. If you prefer it moist, then don't "overcook" it)
3. Then flip over the other side to finish cooking
4. Enjoy with porridge or rice

This was something really really simple I have cooked in SGP while my kitchen in SGP was still bare and empty when we moved back. I still have some pending posts (cooking done in Taiwan) and I guess I would have to finish off the writing in SGP. Then there are posts (cooking done in SGP) that I have not done any writing at all. Maybe this is why I am losing the will to write. Anyhow, here's my contribution to 101 Omelet Recipes.

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