Organize my kitchen clutter

I am amazed. The DYMO website sets me thinking on how lucky are kids these days. There are so much more color in their childhood. Remember my plain old boring white-and-blue uniform? We tried to seek fun and color those days by getting the most "picturesque" school day or pencil case. Lunch box? I am more used to transparent plastic bags. Or rather, there was no lunch-box trend then. "Those were the days..." - a cliché from the "old" me.

They always say forget the past, focus on the present. So here I am, amazed by the creative colorful applications of a label maker. Product inventors or rather marketers are very innovative these days. I enjoyed all the tips and advice provided in the DYMO website. Where space is mostly a constraint these days, do you find yourself getting more and more plastic storage boxes to organization all your "assets" - such as extra clothes, extra shoes, extra bags ? But the problem is, sometimes you forget where you place them. These DYMO Color labels can be put to good use then. Remember to label every compartment storage when and where you store your things. Then you will have the ease of finding what you want. Yes...just what I wanted to organize my messy kitchen and pantry.