Chicken Apple Curry - Potatoes for me, please...

Now that I am somewhere nearer the equator, I definitely miss the four Seasons - Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. I can neither buy them nor import them :( It is officially Fall/Autumn in the US. How about some mild spicy curry with some APPLES to celebrate Autumn and its colors ? I adore the colors of golden hue during Fall/Autumn in California (miss it so much...) and the cooling temperature it brings along.

I like potatoes in my chicken curry. If you think it is too much "starch", here's what you can try. The healthy but not-as-nice version. Apples, yes. how some kids pronounced it. This is a bookmarked recipe from a Chinese TV cooking show (in Taiwan). I'm trying it for Bookmark Recipes, hosting baton is back to the creator/host Ruth's Kitchen Experiments this week.

I cooked this one day...for the reason that I had apples and no potatoes at that time. This dish obviously targeted at young kids since apples will bring some sweetness and a little (really a little) tangy factor into an otherwise spicy dish.

....don't kids like potatoes? Maybe it was the parents' idea to sneak in apples into a kid's dish. I don't know since I don't cook for kids. I'm just trying to say...if I were a kid, I would like potatoes in my chicken curry, please.

But this sure look like potatoes in curry...

Chicken and Apple Curry
6-9 small chicken drummets; apples, cubed; 1 medium onion sliced; 2tbsp curry powder

1. In a lightly oiled pan, saute the onions till they soften
2. Add in chicken and curry powder, mix well
3. Add in chicken stock or water and simmer the entire mixture for 10mins till chicken is cooked
4. Add in apples the last, mix well and allow simmer for 3-5mins.
5. Serve

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