Rice cooker meals and recipes + featured in New York Times !

Julia Moskin had an insightful and lovely article put up in the New York Times about making meals with the rice cooker. I shared some of my thoughts with Julia earlier on and totally enjoyed it. Thanks Julia! ...thanks for your mention about how I use my rice-cooker in that same article. ^0^

I LOVEeeee my rice-cooker ! My rice cooker is no fuzzy-logic. It is basic, with Cook and Warm function. It has made possible easy cooking at home:

Bibimbap - Stonepot Rice in Rice Cooker
Porridge/Congee with Tuna and Edamame
Tom Yum, Tom Yam Fried Rice
Cabbage BBQ Pork Fried Rice
Oyster Sauce Chicken Wings Flavored Rice

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