New York Times, then Malay Mail. Yipee! OK. Enough "self-pimping".

Curious about The Food Escapist ? That's me, Tigerfish from Teczcape - An Escape to Food. ^o^

Thanks Gabey, from Malay Mail, for the interview. I do hope "Tigerfish" made it - as an interesting feature to the Malaysian readers out there. I tend to think I am much a boring person most of the times.

I hope my Californian friends, Singaporean friends and readers all over the world who come by my blog, get to know a little more about me.

Well, my real name has already been revealed earlier. What?! You did not know ? Check the NY Times link to find out if you have missed it. Some of my readers were so sharp to get my name right there!

And now, the "motivation" behind my un-catchy and drab blog name which does not spell any recipes, cooking, cuisine, culinary, delicious eating, yum to speak. Check that out!

What's next? Am I going to tell you why I am Tigerfish ? Nah, I hope that does not happen. I am still the shy Tigerfish, you know *wink*