Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Roasted Leeks 烤大葱

This is my first time trying Japanese-style roasted leeks but certainly not my last.  I have not tried this appetizer/side-dish before in any Japanese eateries/restaurants. That said, I don't often eat at Japanese restaurants in the first place.

Nothing wacked my curiosity so much than this recipe that I came across in the Internet. The outcome? The leeks mellowed out so tender and sweet, perfectly balanced with the salty sauce-seasoning and bonito flakes.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Roasted Duck Noodles with Romanesco Broccoli

I saw some really beautiful organic romanesco broccoli in Whole Foods Market and got into impulsive mode. Well...impulsive good.

It was a Sunday and there was no plan to cook. But with this fresh-looking vegetable, should I? Maybe, a semi-homemade meal will do. A meal that will not take a toll especially on a slow and lazy Sunday. On the way back home, we got hold of a store-bought roasted duck, went home and within 30 minutes, lunch was served.

EVA Air Royal Laurel TPE-SFO 长荣航空皇玺桂冠舱

This is a continuation from my earlier post BR17 SFO-TPE.

BR18 Taipei to San Francisco: Dinner/Supper is a full-course with Hors d'oeuvre ~ Main Course ~ Dessert

Hors d'oeuvre: Goose Liver Pate, Cajun Spiced Prawn with Red Wine Jelly

There is a wide selection of main course available including meals you can order in the plane from the on-board menu, and exclusive meals pre-order from evaair.com

Main: Duck Breast with Mixed Vegetables and Potatoes (available as exclusive pre-order main course in evaair.com)