Oven Roasted (Grilled) Mackerel 烤鲭鱼

We usually have mackerel (saba fish) cooked on the outdoor grill, however the grill is kept away during winter; so with a vacuumed-packed mackerel in the freezer, there are two choices (1) pan-fry the fish over the stove, or (2) oven-grill.

I pick the latter, of course - the no-fuss, clean and neat way to crispy skin mackerel. It is so easy to prepare the fish this way as part of a regular meal plan. The entire meal is completed in about 20 to 25 minutes, which is the time it takes to cook the fish.

Steamed beets, oven-grill mackerel, sauteed garlic baby spinach

There is some multi-tasking to be done. While the fish (already thawed, and lightly seasoned) is in the oven, re-heat (warm) the cooked beets for 5 minutes, allow beets to cool. While waiting for beets to cool, heat up a pan with a little (~1/2 tbsp) oil, saute the garlic and organic baby spinach. The baby spinach takes less than 8 minutes to cook. Dish out, set aside. Slice the cooled beets thinly, then gently toss with 1tbsp organic apple cider vinegar and topped with toasted sesame seeds (refer Warm Beets Salad). When these two dishes are done, the fish is also done.

Oven-Roasted Mackerel 烤鲭鱼
This oven-grilled mackerel was adapted from JustOneCookbook.com and Noobcook.com (who kept the baking process really simple, best suited for lazy cooks like myself).

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