Indian spicy chickpeas - homemade, easy cooking

I've picked up a few good tricks in making Indian food. Butter, onions, cumin, turmeric....
Thanks to A's mom (YJ's mom-in-law). There is really no written recipe from Auntie. I just tried to listen hard as she spoke. It seems that cumin, onion, and turmeric are sure to be there. Maybe it was just that few dishes that I asked her which happened to use most of these ingredients. ^o^

Those essential spices really saved me. I used them again and again in my home Indian cooking now. I find these dishes very appetizing with steamed rice. Can't find any formal name for this recipe. Maybe somebody can help? For now, will just call it loosely...Homemade Indian Chickpea.

Indian Spicy Chickpeas/Curried Chickpeas
Ingredients: chickpeas (note: I use canned chickpeas, or known as garbanzo), 1 small onion diced, minced garlic, 1/2 tbsp curry powder, 1/2 tsp turmeric, 1/2 tsp ground cumin, curry leaf, salt and black pepper, dash of chili powder/paprika, some butter

Directions: Add butter to a frying pan, add in minced garlic, onions and curry leaf and mix well till fragrant (note: yes, it is the aroma of curry leaf!). Saute till onions are slightly soft/caramelized. Add in chickpeas and the spices. Salt to taste. Cook a few minutes in low-heat pan. Add in some freshly ground black pepper, mix well.

I find beans and peas such easy ingredients to deal with, esp. when I am swarmed at work and have no time to cook anything. And it has indeed started My Legume Love Affair, created by sweet lovely Susan-The Well Seasoned Cook.

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Oh, revive my love for Indian food!

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