Chicken, Shrimps and Greens - my Stir Fry Pasta lingo!

Mixed seafood in Seafood Mui Fan; seafood in Braised Seafood Soba Noodles; chicken and shrimps in Wat Dan Hor - Rice Noodles with Egg Gravy - I shall make the "chicken and/or seafood" one-dish repertoire more complete by including a Stir-Fry Pasta dish! Cos' I just love this rhythmical lingo - Chicken, Shrimps and Greens !

Stir Fry Pasta with Chicken, Shrimps and Greens
Shrimps, bite-size sliced chicken pieces, minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste, green leafy vegetable (Note: I use Basella Alba that I have also used in Shrimp Fried Rice before), pasta cooked according to instructions

1. In a lightly oiled pan, saute the minced garlic, and saute the green vegetables. When they are partially tender(soft), dish out, set aside
2. Add in chicken, saute for 3-5mins, then add in shrimps. By the time the shrimps turn pink and are cooked, the chicken will be cooked as well. (Note: cooking time of chicken depends on size of chicken pieces). Salt and pepper to taste.
3. Add in some chicken broth/water to simmer. When broth starts to reduce, add in cooked pasta, vegetables, then mix well in the pan. When the broth(flavors) gets mostly absorbed into the pasta, dish out and serve immediately. Garnish with sliced red chili.

This goes to Ivy at Kopiaste, the host for Presto Pasta Night this week.

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