Best Vietnamese food in Singapore !

We were cordially to a friend's house in Singapore to sample his cooking. Vietnamese food...Yummy! To recall, we have never tried any authentic Viet. cuisine in Singapore before. Well, we never even tried searching for one. I have grounds to believe it is easier to find authentic Viet. food back in California. California pampered us too much on good Vietnamese food ^0^

I'll just leave you with pictures to do the talking.

We started with Vietnamese Rice Paper Spring Rolls. And I can tell you that this is the first time I have tried to wrap one myself - DIY! It is almost similar as how the Peranakans have their DIY Popiah Party on the the "mode of wrapping". But I swear the ingredients are vast apart. In these Vietnamese Rice Paper Spring Rolls, they start you off by cleansing the palates. I vaguely remember the type of herbs used in each roll...just so many and exotic to its own. Light and refreshing even with luscious shrimps. And it was the first time I dipped my Vietnamese Rice Paper Spring Rolls in a sauce mix of hoisin and ground meat.

Isn't that gorgeous?

Now we were all waiting (impatiently) for the real thing ~Beef Pho~

The aroma of the spices lingering above the simmering broth aroused us...

A comforting naturally and richly seasoned beef broth, ladled over rice noodles and thinly sliced raw beef. The broth was just right, tasty yet not overpowering.

And there, we had the most delicious bowl of Vietnamese pho in Singapore...(yes, better than any other Vietnamese pho we have had in California.

We thank the host once again. ^o^

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