Salmon Cake Pattie with Mango Salsa

Healthy Salmon Cake
Ingredients: 2 cans of pink salmon, freshly ground pepper, 1 whisked egg, red chili flakes

1. Mix all the ingredients together and shape into pattie
2. In a lightly oiled flat pan, pan-fry the salmon cake till the outside turns brown and slightly crisp
3. Serve or top with mango salsa

Remember the mango salsa, so versatile that I could serve with fish and shrimps ?This time, I made the salsa without the water chestnuts and almonds. It's even simpler!

Homemade Mango Salsa
Mango, cut into small cubes; kiwis, cut into small pieces; handful of cilantro leaves, chopped finely - Mix the ingredients.

This is healthy finger food, isn't it? The mango salsa brings a refreshing sweet to the savory salmon cake. Yummy! It's your heart that matters and let me take care of it.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Heart of Matter!

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