Chicken Curry (Leftover) Pasta - Presto Pasta Night #112, I'm coming

Finally, I'm taking a step forward to host my first blog event :D

Presto Pasta Night, it shall be. Why not? This has always been my all-time favorite blog event.

As your host for this week (2 - 7 May 2009; round up on 8 May 2009), I have started it rolling by this quick and easy pasta. I've used leftover chicken curry, coupled with fresh baby spinach to present to you...Chicken Curry Pasta.

Chicken Curry Pasta
Ingredients: choose any of your favorite chicken curry recipe, baby spinach (fresh, rinsed thoroughly), pasta (screw or shell type)

1. Cook the pasta, set aside
2. Cook curry from scratch; or for me, I used leftover (I shred those leftover chicken in the curry as well)
3. When curry is cooked, mix in pasta and pasta, toss well and serve.

If you are new to Presto Pasta Night, "Pasta" applies to noodles as well - not limited to traditional-type pasta. Click here for more details about joining Presto Pasta Night.

It is as easy as (1) cooking your favorite noodle dish, (2) posting it in your blog and (3) linking to Presto Pasta Night #112 announcement (that would be this post) and to Presto Pasta Nights website. Then, (4) send it over to me at:

tigerfish1101(AT)yahoo(DOT) com(DOT) sg with a copy to Ruth at:
ruth(AT)4everykitchen(DOT) com

including the following details in your e-mail:

Your name
Your blog name and URL
URL of your post
A photo of your dish

If you do not have a blog, just send mail me the recipe and the picture!

PPN #112 runs from 2 May - 7 May The round up will be done on 8 May 2009. Hurry!! Ruth and I - we are waiting....^o^

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