Pasta Black Bean with Chili Tuna

Where will this can of organic black beans (black turtle beans) and that can of AYAM chili tuna lead me? Ehhhh... ...Paradise... ...Almost. As long as I am not mentally stressed out juggling between a 7am (time in office) to 7pm (time I stepped back into the house) day job vs my "passion" to make a decent dinner - I delude myself that I am in "paradise", at least. Pasta saves my day! So, should I say "pasta-dise" instead? Ehhh.....lousy play of words. Darn it!

With the whole wheat fusili I have, I combined it with with black beans, chili tuna, chopped Chinese vegetables that were blanched...and VOILA! My pasta dish is fully "dressed"!

This is definitely a simple dish to whip up for Presto Pasta Nights hosted this week by Sara of I'm a Food Blog but I am quite sure a simple dish can go far in terms of being healthy and tasty. Well, at least I know the quality of ingredients (I chose and bought them) that goes into my pasta and that sure beats buying and eating packed dinner too frequently.

Spot the vegetable, you will...

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