Food with a view or a kill + California Redwood road trip

It was no surprise where were we,
How tiny can we be in the light of trees,
Not just any but these giant trees,
Redwood in California, we love thee.

Avenue of the Giants, Humboldt Redwood State Park, 6 June 2009

Does every decision need a reason? "Give me TEN GOOD REASONS why I should move back to California" - that needs (tons of) reasons, especially when it comes to convincing my dear parents who refuse to "let me go". Can anyone out there give 10 or even 20 good reasons to help me, please ? ...even before I convey this wild (valid) thought of mine to them.

Does every decision need a reason? "Where is the place for lunch?" - that needs just one reason. The right place at the right time, sometimes. Cliff House at Fort Bragg,CA was there when we decided we could take a break and pull out the car keys.

With the view it offers from the theatrical-setting of the restaurant tables and chairs, it was not a bad place after all. Food you go...

Appetizers (to share): Two miserably tiny crab cakes (supposed to be award winning) for US$15. Hmmm... the crab cakes deserved to be bigGER. There were four (and the half) of us, so imagine we had to break those crab cakes into smaller bits.

This is Tigerfish's order. I was supposed to order seafood because we are near the coast! Yes. I know. The pasta has shrimps in it at least. Their early-bird specials had only few items to choose from.

Mr. TF's order of fish and chips. At least, I got other seafood from his order.

This is D (the half I was talking about, A&S's boy) and S's order. Mom and son usually share the food. :D

And finally A's order of vegetarian pasta.

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