Curried Potato and Mushrooms + attempt to grow Curry Leaves failed!

Remember my last Weekend Herb Blogging (WHB) entry on Curry Leave, Curry Love? On the note that

(1) "... ... the FLAVOR of FRESH curry LEAVES is SUPERIOR and IRREPLACEABLE";
(2) neither dirt cheap nor easily available in the Bay Area, CA

we decided to try growing them in Singapore - to get the technique right at least (assuming growing conditions in Singapore are conducive?) so that we may have chance to grow them back in our backyard *day dream* back in CA and I can use the leaves FRESH and CHEAP in my cooking, whenever I need *day dream*. Allow me to day dream, pls.

In this week's WHB with Laurie from Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska, let me share some experience in growing curry leaves. They might not have been successful but sharing failure lessons can help people out there avoid the same mistakes. At the same time, successful growers may like to offer some tips.

My parents have a curry leaf plant rooted to the garden's ground. We plucked a few fresh curry leaf stems and hope to use those stems to root.

1st try: We removed all the leaves from the stem before planting them in the pot(see potted plant above) + occasional watering + sunlight conditions.
Result: Failed. No growth or even sign of life observed after 1 month.

2nd try: We removed most of the lower leaves and planted them in a pot + occasional watering + sunlight conditions.
Result: Still failed. No growth observed.

WHAT DID I DO WRONG? Any tips out there?

Meanwhile, I will have better luck as a user of curry leaves - in this simple Indian-spiced Potato and Mushroom concoction.

Curried Potato and Mushrooms
Ingredients: potato, peeled and diced, mushrooms, diced; some butter, 3 to 4 curry leaves, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, garlic and onion

Directions: Melt the butter in a heated pan, saute the onions, garlic and curry leaves till fragrant. Then add mushrooms and potatoes and sprinkle in the spices (turmeric and cumin), mix well. Fry till potatoes and mushrooms are cooked (mushrooms become tender).

For similar recipes, you can also try this chick pea dish.

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