Weisswurst sausage - the Bavarian meat that almost made me barbaric !

I had to clear my fridge and pantry before going away for a week and not much time to very much COOK anything either. So, back to assembling some food with some Weisswurst sausage, spinach and sweet potato. Hey, I am still getting my carbo, proteins and fiber! :P

Weisswurst sausage is a traditional white meat sausage(also called white sausage) and traditionally in Bavaria, Germany, the meat in Weisswurst sausage is not smoked and made fresh every day. I bought these Weisswurst sausages which do NOT contain nitrites and boiled them in water (to cook them) before consuming them. I boiled them because that is the easiest way to cook it and did not know that BY ACCIDENT, it was the correct way to cook it. What do you think?

It was only after I ate the sausage that I found - I might have eaten it the wrong way! To know the right way, here is "How to cook and eat the bavarian sausage " - check this out!

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