A comprehensive online ShopWiki buying guide

Talk about merchants and retailers paying premium to grocery stores and supermarkets in order to get their products on the shelves, especially at the most "eye-catching" and eye-level position to grab the easy attention of shoppers and consumers; many online shopping sites are subjected to similar tactics too. As a smart shopper on-site at grocery stores, I would often look at products at the bottom of the shelves since this is where I tend to get bargains. Likewise to online shopping, ShopWiki discovers stores on the internet by crawling the web and not being paid for product placement by online merchants and retailers. In such a way, the product offerings at ShopWiki tend to be unbiased and shoppers also get a comprehensive range of products to choose from.

ShopWiki also provides a good "how-to" guide when selecting each product. For example, before purchasing your kitchen pots and pans, you can seek out the type of pan (material, size, weight) for your cooking style and needs, then proceed to select the pan or pot of your choice. Their guide on How to Buy Refrigerators and How to Buy Washers and Dryers definitely serve as handy reminders for consumers like myself who tend to forget about the size, features and practical functions about the appliances while easily swayed by the design and brand, when selecting and purchasing kitchen appliances.