Wontons (Dumplings) in Chicken Soup

I have been yearning for soup more often than before. I just find it too comforting.

Wonton dumplings in MSG-laden soup or plain bland "natural broth" labeled as "water"? NO! When it is home-cooked, we can't be doing that.

Homemade wontons in homemade chicken soup, courtesy of S.

We do not need the most expensive food such as sharks fin and bird's nest to define the quality of life. Often, simple matters like a bowl of nutritious and warm chicken soup with homemade wontons that makes a person happy and satisfied when defining a meal. Savoring such comfort food in your own cozy corner, without the noise and clamor of a mad rush is just...LIFE.


Also try this Gojiberry Chicken Soup to boost your immunity for the cold/flu season. This soup is just TOO GOOD.!

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